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La Sportiva Exum Ridge approach shoes

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The Exum Ridge is said to be one of the best approach-type shoes on the market, and also one of the best shoes for Parkour. This reviewer found them to be an excellent light hiking shoe, but hardly ideal for running or climbing. All in all, the Exum Ridge strikes a great balance between rugged design, light weight and breathability, and its superior grip is obvious the moment you step out onto the rock. However, the thickness and square profile of the sole, particularly at the heel, often cause the shoe to roll around the foot just when you need stability the most. What's worse, I find that I can't run for more than an hour or so in these shoes without developing big, nasty blisters on both heels and toes, so I'm forced to apply bandages or moleskin to said areas immediately before any serious activity. I've had my Ridges for over six months now and I'm determined to wear them out before I get rid of them. Unfortunately, they're also some of the most durable shoes I've ever owned.