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'Tom Heath Talks with Talis' interview
3rd International Semantic Web User Interaction Workshop (SWUI2006)


A Caching Mechanism for Semantic Web Service Discovery (Article)
A cognitive support framework for ontology mapping (Article)
A Collaborative Semantic Web Layer to Enhance Legacy Systems (Article)
A Core Ontology for Business Process Analysis (Article)
Act II popcorn
Adding Data Mining Support to SPARQL via Statistical Relational Learning Methods (Article)
ALLRIGHT: Automatic Ontology Instantiation from Tabular Web Documents (Article)
Alternating-offers protocol for multi-issue bilateral negotiation in semantic-enabled marketplaces (Article)
A method for recommending ontology alignment strategies (Article)
A Natural Language Query Interface to Structured Information (Article)
An empirical study of instance-based ontology matching (Article)
An Entity Naming System for the Semantic Web (Article)
An Event-based Approach for Semantic Metadata Interoperability (Article)
An Ontology Design Pattern for Representing Relevance in OWL (Article)
An Ontology for Software Models and its Practical Implications for Semantic Web Reasoning (Article)
An Unsupervised Model for Exploring Hierarchical Semantics from Social Annotations (Article)
An User Interface Adaptation Architecture for Rich Internet Applications (Article)
Application of Ontology Translation (Article)
A semantic case-based reasoning framework for text categorization (Article)
A Semantic Web Middleware for Virtual Data Integration on the Web (Article)
Assisting Pictogram Selection with Semantic Interpretation (Article)
Automatically Composing Data Workflows with Relational Descriptions and Shim Services (Article)


Bringing Semantic Annotations to Web Services: OWL-S from the SAWSDL Perspective (Article)
Building a National Semantic Web Ontology and Ontology Service Infrastructure----The FinnONTO Approach (Article)
Building a Semantic Web Image Repository for Biological Research Images (Article)


CLOnE: Controlled Language for Ontology Editing (Article)
Combining Meta Data and Document Search with Spreading Activation for Semantic Desktop Search (Article)
Combining SAWSDL, OWL-DL and UDDI for Semantically Enhanced Web Service Discovery (Article)
combiSQORE: An Ontology Combination Algorithm (Article)
COMM: Designing a Well-Founded Multimedia Ontology for the Web (Article)
Conceptual Clustering and its Application to Concept Drift and Novelty Detection (Article)
Conceptual Situation Spaces for Semantic Situation-Driven Processes (Article)
Conjunctive Queries for a Tractable Fragment of OWL 1.1 (Article)
Continuous RDF Query Processing over DHTs (Article)
Creating a Dead Poets Society: Extracting a Social Network of Historical Persons from the Web (Article)
Creating and Using Geospatial Ontology Time Series in a Semantic Cultural Heritage Portal (Article)
CSR: Discovering Subsumption Relations for the Alignment of Ontologies (Article)
Cultural Adaptivity for the Semantic Web (Article)


DBpedia: A Nucleus for a Web of Open Data (Article)
Distance Based clustering of Semantic Web Resources (Article)
Distinguishing between Instances and Classes in the Wikipedia Taxonomy (Article)


EIAW: Towards a Business-friendly Data Warehouse Using Semantic Web Technologies (Article)
Enabling Advanced and Context-Dependent Access Control in RDF Stores (Article)
Enhancing Workflow with a Semantic Description of Scientist's Intent (Article)
Enriching an Ontology with Multilingual Information (Article)
Entailment for Domain-restricted RDF (Article)
Evaluating the Semantic Web:A Task-based Approach (Article)
Exploiting patterns in Ontology Mapping (Article)
Exposing Large Datasets with Semantic Sitemaps (Article)


Finding all Justifications of OWL DL Entailments (Article)
Finite model reasoning in DL-Lite (Article)
From Texts to Structured Documents: The Case of Health Practice Guidelines (Article)
From Web Directories to Ontologies: Natural Language Processing Challenges (Article)


Get Your Data Out! - Danny Ayers' DataPortability and Me Video
Graph Summaries for Subgraph Frequency Estimation (Article)


HealthFinland - Finnish Health Information on the SemanticWeb (Article)
History Matters: Incremental Ontology Reasoning Using Modules (Article)
How Service Choreography Statistics Reduce the Ontology Mapping Problem (Article)
How Useful are Natural Language Interfaces to the Semantic Web for Casual End-users? (Article)
Hybrid Search: Effectively Combining Keywords and Ontology-based Searches (Article)


Improving interoperability using query interpretation in semantic vector spaces (Article)
Instance Migration in Heterogeneous Ontology Environments (Article)
Integrating Uncertainty Into Ontology Mapping (Article)
IVEA: An Information Visualization Tool for Personalized Exploratory Document Collection Analysis (Article)


Jacek Kopecky's Web Site


Kernel Methods for Mining Instance Data in Ontologies (Article)
Knowledge Enhanced Searching on the Web (Article)
KonneX-SALT: First Steps towards a Semantic Claim Federation Infrastructure (Article)


Lifecycle-Support in Architectures for Ontology-Based Information Systems (Article)
Lightweight Community-Driven Ontology Evolution (Article)
Linked Data on the Web (LDOW2008)
Logical Foundations of (e)RDF(S): Complexity and Reasoning (Article)


Making More Wikipedians: Facilitating Semantics Reuse for Wikipedia Authoring (Article)
Mapping Validation by Probabilistic Reasoning (Article)
Matching Patient Records to Clinical Trials Using Ontologies (Article)
Measuring Incoherence in Description Logic-based Ontologies (Article)
Minding the Planet: A Few Predictions for the Near Future
Module Extraction and Incremental Classification: A Pragmatic Approach for EL+ Ontologies (Article)
Mutual Contextualization in Tripartite Graphs of Folksonomies (Article)


OBO and OWL: Leveraging Semantic Web Technologies for the Life Sciences (Article)
On Storage Policies for Semantic Web Repositories that Support Versioning (Article)
On the Foundations of Computing Deltas between RDF models (Article)
OntoGame: Weaving the Semantic Web by Online Gaming (Article)
Ontologies: A Silver Bullet for Knoweldge Management and Electronic Commerce
Ontology-based Controlled Natural Language Editor Using CFG with Lexical Dependency (Article)
Ontology-based Information Extraction for Business Intelligence (Article)
Ontology-based Interpretation of Keywords for Semantic Search (Article)
Ontology-Driven Management of Semantic Spaces (Article)
Ontology Mapping: An Information Retrieval and Interactive Activation Network Based Approach (Article)
Ontology Performance Profiling and Model Examination: First Steps (Article)
OWL-DL as a power tool to model negotiation mechanisms with incomplete information (Article)


PORE: Positive-Only Relation Extraction from Wikipedia Text (Article)
Potluck: Data Mash-Up for Non-programmers (Article)
Probabilistic Information Integration and Retrieval in the Semantic Web (Article)
Purpose-Aware Reasoning about Interoperability of Heterogeneous Training Systems (Article)
Putting ontology alignment in context: usage scenarios, deployment and evaluation in a library case (Article)


Q2Semantic: A Lightweight Keyword Interface to Semantic Search (Article)
Query Answering and Ontology Population: an Inductive Approach (Article)
Querying Distributed RDF Data Sources with SPARQL (Article)


Rabbit: Developing a Control Natural Language for Authoring Ontologies (Article)
RDFSync: efficient remote synchronization of RDF models (Article)
Recipes for Semantic Web Dog Food - The ESWC and ISWC Metadata Projects (Article)
Restricting and forgetting in DL-Lite (Article) - Review Anything


Safe and Economic re-use of ontologies: a logic-based methodology and tool support (Article)
SALT: Weaving the claim web (Article)
Scalable Cleanup of Information Extraction Data Using Ontologies (Article)
Semantic Camp, London, February 2008
Semantic Cooperation and Knowledge Reuse by Using Autonomous Ontologies (Article)
Semantic Email as a communication medium for the Social Semantic Desktop (Article)
Semantic Reasoning: A Path To New Possibilities of Personalization (Article)
Semantic Web technology for Agent Communication Protocols (Article)
Semi-automatic Ontology Engineering using Patterns (Article)
Semplore: An IR Approach to Scalable Hybrid Query of Semantic Web Data (Article) Weaving the Open Linked Data (Article)
SPARK: Adapting Keyword Query to Semantic Search (Article)
Spatially Augmented Knowledgebase (Article)
Streaming SPARQL - Extending SPARQL to process data streams (Article)


The Creation and Evaluation of iSPARQL Strategies for Matchmaking (Article)
The Fundamentals of iSPARQL - A Virtual Triple Approach For Similarity-Based Semantic Web Tasks (Article)
The Semantic Web and Human Inference: A Lesson from Cognitive Science (Article)
The usefulness of an abstracted Semantic Web architecture (Article)
Tim Berners-Lee's Keynote at Linked Data Planet, New York, 17 June 2008
Two Variations on Ontology Alignment Evaluation: Methodological Issues (Article)


Unlocking the Potential of Public Sector Information with Semantic Web Technology (Article)
Using Tableau to Decide Expressive Description Logics with Role Negation (Article)


vrije universiteit


Web search personalization via social bookmarking and tagging (Article)
Web Service Composition with User Preferences (Article)
WSMO-Lite Annotations for Web Services (Article)
WSMO Choreography: From Abstract State Machines to Concurrent Transaction Logic (Article)


xOperator - Interconnecting the Semantic Web and Instant Messaging Networks (Article)
XSPARQL: Traveling between the XML and RDF worlds and avoiding the XSLT pilgrimage (Article)


YARS2: A Federated Repository for Querying Graph Structured Data from the Web (Article)


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