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Filled Star - Denotes One PointFilled Star - Denotes One PointFilled Star - Denotes One PointFilled Star - Denotes One PointFilled Star - Denotes One Point by rgreen900 on 16 Aug 2008

I would like to write a review about Liveridge british 4x4 because I have always taken all of my landrovers there after some very bad experiences with other landrover companies. I have to honestly say that they are a very good company to deal with. I first came across liveridge when one of my friends had taken his landrover for a full service and was very immpressed with how polite and genuine the family run business is. I took my tired looking 90 defender in looking for a revamp and was amazed with how many different options were available to me and how helpful the company were. I was sat down with a warm cup of coffee and felt I was in the company of a friend as Chris talked me through it. I was particularly impressed with the fact that he didn't try to push the most expensive equipment or things that I didn't really need, if he doesn't think you'll need it when asked he will tell you honestly no! The receptionists and mechanics are all smiley and happy to help with any silly little questions that you might have which is very unusual in my experience! The end result was fantastic, I collected my landy earlier than first scheduled which is surprising on its own! I was genuinely impressed with how great it looked and drove! I will be taking my landy back shortly for its service and I highly recommend anyone to visit with your landrover. Overall a highly professional and good quality service.

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